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  • More impossible times lately, but trying to use the few OK minutes to work on the card. I missed pages. I only did two in all of 2023 (the previous card). Here’s to more than two in the new year, and I hope you’re all having a nice quiet time until then —

  • I’ve been thinking if there’s a way to replicate some of the good parts of the scattershot mosaic we get on Twitter and elsewhere – “here’s a few of the things looked at, things worked on, scribbled, noticed, etc.” – not strictly chronological and not meant to be comprehensive, just a slice through someone else’s moments. So here’s an attempt at a condensed version of it. Feels like it might work?

    note: I suspect RSS readers will strip it all and just give you a bunch of images in a row; I was considering removing these posts from the RSS feed altogether, but I’ll just say the blog presentation works a lot better. (and it also shows the picture captions when you click on them)

    (Maybe it’s fine as long as I don’t go overboard with twenty pictures every time.)