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  • (A brief break from drawing scowling grumps)

  • More from the “you don’t expect me drawing this” department–

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  • A few uphill weeks in a row again, but some recent covers are coming out, so here’s one:

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  • I don’t draw animals that often but I had a stretch this year where for a few weeks everyone asked me to. This story at least suggested a very graphic treatment. (The cat one was my favorite as a picture, though this one is better as a cover.)

    This inverted version, when I was mailing the file, was also fun, but the cover was already finished, so it goes in the “accidental good ideas” folder for some future use.

  • I continue to work on a couple of stories after the new years one, and I continue to not want to share them before they are done — but I also get tired of only posting covers, so here’s a rough panel from one of them that doesn’t spoil anything.

  • Today’s small part of this year’s program of allowing myself to put in at least as much time and effort into personal work — off the clock, on my own time — as I would put in on work for others.

    Or, since I can finally allow such a thought: more.

  • One from last year that was just too slow to make it to press in time– I remember it being a particularly impossible period so I’m amazed I managed to draw even the patterns — though without the color I probably consider it only 40% done, if that much.

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  • This issue is out at the end of February, I think, so here’s one of my favorite pictures from last year.

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